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Last updated: April 27th, 2020


Welcome to the Alive5 Quick Start Guide. This guide intends to cover the basics to get you and your business up and running fast. Learn how to Create Channels, Add Users or Create a Widget and get your code snippet up on your website - and more.


Creating an account is simple and easy.

Create An Account

To create an account, go to alive5.com and click the Login button.

Click on the Sign Up tab.

Enter the required information.

Submit your Invitation Code (optional).

You will be sent a verification link to your email.

Follow the link in your email to the login page and fill out the details. Company organization and username will be auto-filled. Put your password in and hit the Login button below to access your Alive5 Dashboard.

Choose Your Plan by selecting the number of users on the account and then select a text package in the Choose an Add On drop down. Once you have these fields selected, press the blue Proceed With Checkout button.

Easy Login - Save This Link!

Bookmark this link for easy login: https://app.alive5.com/login


Users are the people who will be communicating with your customers, sometimes referred to as agents. Learn how to add and edit users.




Add a User

From your Dashboard go to Users and select + New User from the top right corner.

Fill out the form including Email, Phone, Screen Name, Role, etc.

Assign the channels that you’d like this User to access.

When complete, click Create User.

This User will receive an email activation and will need to follow the email’s link and sign in.

Edit Users

You can edit a user to reassign roles or channels. From the Dashboard go to Users.

Find the User you’d like to edit and select the Edit Button from the table’s row.

Make the changes you’d like to the User’s account and select Update User.


Once a User's account is created you will not be able to change their email address.


Channels can also be called a Category or a Department for routing customers. Channels can be created for multiple reasons but the most common is routing incoming communications to specific Channels and Users assigned to those channels.

For instance if Bob is an Agent and Bob only handles Billing, then you can assign Bob to the Billing Channel and all incoming communications will be routed to Billing, and thus Bob.




Create a Channel

To set up a channel, from the Dashboard go to Channels.

In the top right corner select + New Channel.

Create a Channel Title and fill in an Email Address.

Select all the Users you’d like to include in this channel.

Once satisfied with your Channel, click Create Channel.

Edit a Channel

To edit a Channel, from the Dashboard go to Channels.

Find the Channel you wish to edit and click the Edit Icon to the right of the list.

Once satisfied with your Channel edits, click Update Channel.


A widget is the image or icon you will place on your website for visitors to click and initiate the Live Chat or SMS conversation. Widgets and the Chat/Bot interface is highly customizable but we will be covering the basics here in this Quick Start Guide. You will need a Widget before you can create a Chat / Chatbot Window.




Create a Widget

To create a Widget, from the Dashboard select Widgets.

Click + New in the top right corner.

Select a pre-designed widget or upload your own image to use as the widget.

Select what this Widget will be used for, Live Chat or SMS Text Message.

Select the Channel(s) you'd like to use.

From the tabs you will be able to edit your Window, Widget, get The Code you need to launch on your website and alter any Settings.


Get Your Code


Get Your Code

Within the Create New Widget panel, in the tabs, select The Code.

Here you will see HTML/Javascript and Short URL codes:

  • HTML/JavaScript Code - code to be placed your widget on your website.
  • Short URL - a short url that you can use on your website, in your social media or anywhere links are accepted.

Live Chat

To access your Live Chat Operator Panel, click the Live Chat icon on the left side of your screen, or alternatively from the Dashboard select Live Chat.

Live Chat



Live Chat User Interface

Incoming and Ongoing Chats - On the left side of your screen is your Live and Closed Live Chats. In the Live Tab you will see a list of Incoming chats, other agent’s chats and a list of people browsing your website. When a chat comes in you will get a pop up to accept, transfer to deny the chat.

Chat Dialog - In the middle of your screen is the dialog area. From here you can conduct your chat with your site visitor. Above the conversation area, you will see some information about your visitor, their name, location, OS, IP address and which page they are visiting.

CRM - On the right side of your screen you will see an Contact Information for your site visitor. This is where you will keep all of your visitor’s information to save for current and future use. You can also connect each visitor to your CRM with the click of a button - such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics or Hubspot.


Alive5 allows you to communicate with your customers via Text/SMS Message either by using an existing line or we’ll provide a number for you.




Setting Up An Existing Phone Number


Setting Up An Existing Phone Number

From your Dashboard go to Settings.

In the top right corner click + New.

Select the New Connection you want to make - in this case Text/SMS Messaging.

Click Transfer Existing Phone Number.

Select the Channel you’d like all messages to appear.

Type the Phone Number in the field provided and Confirm.


Setting Up A New Phone Number


Setting Up An New Phone Number

From your Dashboard go to Settings.

In the top right corner click + New.

Select the New Connection you want to make - in this case Text/SMS Messaging.

Click Reserve New Phone Number.

Select the Channel you’d like all messages to appear.

Select your country.

Input your area code.

Click Find a Number.

Find the number you’d like and click Select.

Your Text/SMS Message line is now available for you to use. All messages sent on this number will be routed to the Channel you selected.

Change Channel For Existing SMS

To change the Channel that your number is routed to, or select from multiple channels:

Go to Settings.

Find the number in the list and click the Edit icon to the right of the table’s row.

From here you can select the Channel(s) you’d like to reroute this number.

Click Confirm.


Before we start creating your first Chatbot, let’s define some terms and descriptions about what Chatbots are and what they do. Bots allow you to respond to Visitors via SMS or Live Chat automatically without the need for human interaction.

A Bot Flow is a collection of Bots in which you can configure or "chain" together to create an automated conversational flow with a visitor. Alive5 includes some built-in Bots that you can set up instantly to start communicating with your Visitors.


Create A Chatbot


Create A Chatbot

To get started, let's create your first Bot Flow:

From the Dashboard select Bots.

To create a new Bot Flow, select + New Bot Flow in the top right corner.

Fill in the form with a Bot Name and Type of Message.

  • If Live Chat message type, you’ll be routing a bot to a specific Widget which is then routed to specific Channel(s).
  • If an SMS Text Message, you’ll be routing to a specific Channel, since there is no widget.

Once your settings are how you like them, click Create Bot Flow.

Now you’ve entered into a Bot Flow matrix.

To build a bot click + Add Trigger bot.

Select Greeting/Home to begin.

From here you can add a message, GIF, image, video, url or social message.

Once filled in select Save.

Now, grab the green dot with your mouse and drag it away from the Greeting/Home box and drop it.

From this list you will be able to add 4 pre-made templates or start your own.

Select the bot you’d like and start editing.

Select from Free-Text or Multiple Choice.

Multiple Choice will allow visitors to choose their own path to get them to the answers they need. Once you are satisfied with your 1st question, click Next.

Now that you have a question, you can create answers, which further route your visitors to the information they seek.

Once you have finished your Bot Flow, click the alive5 logo to return to the Dashboard.

Be sure the Widget that your Bot Flow is attached to is added to your website. To add a Widget to a website, see the Widgets section.


If you have a WebsiteAlive AliveChat account, you can still use it within Alive5. To add your AliveChat account:

WebsiteAlive Integration

From the Dashboard click WebsiteAlive.

Fill in the login information from your WebsiteAlive account and click Login.

Once logged in you’ll be able to access your AliveChat interface.


To change Administrator settings in your WebsiteAlive account will still require you to visit https://www.websitealive.com/ and login as Administrator.


Campaigns allow your team to send text messages to many Contacts at once. In order to create a Campaign you will need a campaign and a list of contacts.

Create a Campaign

From the Dashboard select Campaigns.

Click Create A Campaign in the top right corner.

From here you will need to select a Tag, Channel and User to assign it to.

Finally give the Campaign a name and Select Create Campaign.

Next, craft your message.

Once satisfied, click Create SMS Campaign.


Create Tags to use for your SMS conversations. These labels allow you to tag a customer’s SMS with a custom description or even send the conversation to an attached email address.

Example: If you make a “leads” tag, you can put the prospect’s number in the leads tag, and group all visitors that are leads.

Create a Tag

From the Dashboard select Tags.

Select + New Tag from the top right corner.

Give your Tag a Name (example: Leads).

Assign an email address.

Click Create Tag.

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