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Last updated: April 27th, 2020


Welcome to the Alive5 How To Guides. Here you will find more in-depth guides to help you make the most of your Alive5 experience.

Setting Up Your Account

You will receive an invitation email from the alive5 system once an administrator has added you to the account. Click the login option in the email to create your password. Your username will be the email address the invitation was sent to. If you do not see the login button within the email, select the option at the top of the email to view it within a browser.

Easy Login - Save This Link!

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Dashboard View

As an agent, you will see the messaging apps and basic set up options on the main dashboard. To access Live Chat you can click on the top chat bubble in the left navigation menu or the green Live Chat button in the Messaging row.


Visitor's View

The left panel of the Live Chat console displays all current chat window visitors and chatters. Visitors who are viewing the chat window, but have not activated the live chat will display as Browsing.


When the visitor reaches the point of chat activation, you will receive a visual and audio alert. Click on the green Accept button within the visual alert to answer the live chat. After you have answered the chat, the visitor will now show under ‘Your Chats’ with your first initial to the left of the visitor name.


The conversation currently in view will be highlighted in this section.


In the center of the console you will see the live conversation. Scroll up to view the visitor’s past interactions with the chat tool based on the visitor’s IP Address.


At the bottom of the conversation view you will find the text box where you can type responses. To send, press enter on your keyboard or click on the orange arrow to the right of the text box. Your responses appear on the right side of the thread and the visitors on the left.

Answering and Accessing Chats

To create a live chat within alive5, a visitor engages with chat widget and completes the contact capture flow to activate an Agent Bot within a channel/department. Once the visitor activates the Agent Bot, you will receive an Incoming Chat alert. Click the green accept button to answer the incoming chat.


Transfer Chats

To Transfer a chat, click on the blue Transfer button just above the operator text box.


Select the channel you want to transfer the chat to and enter a note if desired. The optional note can only be seen by the new operator and is never shared with your chat visitor.

Transfer a Chat With a Note

Text entered within a Transfer Note is logged under Notes in the Contact section on the right.


Block A Visitor

Sometimes you may get a chatter you wish to block. Simply click the block icon and this Visitor's IP address will be blocked hence forth.


End Chat

When the chat is completed, click the orange End Chat button in the top right of the live conversation view.


If the visitor ends the chat prior to you selecting End Chat, you will see the same screen deploy as if you ended the chat. You are able to make changes within the customer contact details after the chat has ended. After entering the new information be sure to scroll down and hit update.



To the right of the live chat you will see a panel with additional tool tabs at the top. The first icon of a cloud will contain any FAQs within the account. You can search using keywords or click on the blue plus signs next to the Category Titles to expand each category.


FAQs can be added by administrators only. These can be canned messages and phrases commonly used during conversations. Another benefit of adding FAQs is to cut down on spelling errors and ensure your team is sending out cohesive information.


The tab with the silhouette of two people will take you to the Contact section. Contact information gathered about the visitor in the pre-chat flow will be automatically stored into the contact fields shown here. You can add additional details about the visitor along with notes.



Tags are a way to label, categorize, or escalate chats. You can label conversations based on the type of inquiry (billing, support, sales, etc). Categorizing chats based on customer segments allows you to later target these subsets in marketing campaigns. Adding an email address to a Tag will trigger a transcript of the conversation to the email anytime that tag is selected. Tags provide further insights within the Performance Report on how many times each one is selected during a certain time period.

More than one tag can be selected for a contact. Open the tag selection box, click on the Tag name to highlight in blue and hit the green Update Tags button.


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