Chatbot Overview

Last updated: October, 2021


Welcome to the Alive5 Chatbot Overview. Here you learn about each chatbot and utilize them to build your own custom chatbot - from simple messages to complex experiences.

Greeting Message

The greeting message starts off your interactive customer experience. Having a clear and core goal that you want to achieve with your customer is the beginning of a simple and intuitive journey to get them what they want, when they need it.

Alive5's multi-channel capabilities make bots work beyond your website. Here we will show you what each core bot feature's capabilities and purpose are, and how to implement each one strategically in your customer engagement.

Greeting Message

Agent Bot

The Agent bot serves as the automation of your live chat conversations. Agent Bots are useful for any company that uses live chat.

Using agent bots is the fastest way to get a customer connected to the right agent, and allows you to gather vital information that is relevant to your agent.

Agent Bots will help reduce service time, route chats to the correct person or department, and ensure customers receive a response immediately every single time.

Agent Bot

Question Bot

The question bot allows you to lead your customer down a journey that is simultaneously gathering details from them and storing them into Alive5’s internal CRM. The Question Bot is best used as a data capture tool. Give your team transparency over all of your customer or prospects vitals, and pick up/drop in on conversations where they left off.

Use the question bot to lead your customer down a multiple choice journey, collecting data that suggests intent and agents may use when following up.

Leave open ended responses for customers to answer - gather name, email, phone number etc.

Question Bot


The FAQ bot is the entry way into intelligent AI-powered chat.

FAQ bots are perfect for customer support items including business details, policies, and general frequently asked questions.

The A5 FAQ system allows you to store vital business information inside the Alive5 platform, and the FAQ bot gives customers the ability to ask a question.

FAQs can be organized and prepared by specific channels. If a specific question which you’ve defined is identified, the FAQ bot delivers pre-written responses to customers based on their specific questions and prompts.

Alive5 uses cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to teach your bot how to process and understand what users are trying to accomplish.

The NLP bot adds a layer of conversational AI to your customer experience, giving your customers what they want, when they want it.



NOTE: In order to set up FAQ/NLP Bots you will need to contact Alive5 Support.

Action Bot

The action bot allows you to implement 2 major functions in your chat flows: embedding or linking to website & tagging chats appropriately.

Lead customers to new pages, share PDFs, media, videos, and more. The action bot automates sharing specific content, information, and location.

Question Bot
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